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Go Green, Greatly reduce or practically eliminate your electric bill and increase your home or business equity

Most homeowners and business owners are surprised to learn that Virginia is indeed a solar friendly state with Novec, Dominion, Rappahannock, Shenandoah and many other utility providers implementing the core Net Metering / Grid-tie technology. This allows you to not only produce your own electric power, but trade back all extra power you generate and receive full credit to offset your current electric bill down to as little as just your current monthly connection charge which is usually between $8 and $16 per month.



CAVU Solar is a local solar company with a different approach from the national companies. Every job engages the resources of two other well established companies, with over 60 years experience in the roofing and electrical services industry, to perform a top notch installation. All our designs are based on your objectives with special emphasis on workmanship and aesthetics. Our electricians, provided by Daco Electrical Services (www.dacoelectric.com)  and James Martin Electric, perform all electrical work. They work closely with the teams at Cedar Shakes and Shingles (www.cedarshakesandshingles.com) that handle the roof racking and solar panel installation. Cedar Shakes and Shingles puts their outstanding 40+ year residential and commercial reputation on the line to provide assurance against any roof leaks. Frankly, there is a way that the professional roofer looks and works at these jobs, to minimize impact to your roof, that is just not there with the average solar installer, including the big guys. 

The same is true on the electrical side with special attention to running conduit as aesthetically as possible, or hidden entirely. This takes time and experience. Our Master Electrician is on-site and engaged on every installation. 

 We treat every home and business likes it's our own and have the flexibility to offer a choice of 12 different solar panels and are experts in design and use of the best-of-breed inverter and panel optimization systems from SolarEdge. We focus on quality, not quantity and at pricing that is usually less than the competition! For these reasons, we are frequently called on to straighten out problems caused by other installers.

Keeping the measurement correct in West

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...From initial design... to permitting, installation, inspections, grid interconnection and commissioning

CAVU Solar quickly and correctly does it all!

...From residential townhouses to commercial businesses and agricultural farms, we offer a complete range of solutions to meet your needs

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...See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more info on key differences and cost savings ideas

A CAVU Solar Difference - guaranteed production!


Proven analysis, reliable designs, execution

  • Excellent presentation of design options and ROI

  • Best-of-breed components for performance, reliability and new rapid shutdown fire code compliance

  • Correct compliance with County, State and utility rules

  • Regular contact with the leading industry manufacturers and environmental organizations to include customer presentation events

  • DIY options, if desired, for added savings

  • Contract to commissioning in under one month (our record 7 days in Fairfax County)

  • Full system monitoring

  • 12-25 year transferable warranties

...the more you know and research, the more you'll like our information and solutions

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What about the future?   

  • Technology improvements?

  • Solar panel costs and efficiencies?

  • Net-metering surcharges?

  • Tariffs?...no our pricing hasn't increased at all in 2018...let us show you why

  • Tax incentives & State grants? Yes and yes for commercial

Let's discuss, also see our FAQs. We strongly feel that solar energy is here to stay and there is no reason to hold back from making the move now!


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